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 ***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!***

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***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!*** Empty
PostSubject: ***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!***   ***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!*** I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2019 4:33 pm

***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!*** 7L72LWV

***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!***

We like to annouce that the [SV] Camping Cup is coming soon! The registration is now open until 08.12.2019.

Registration Rules:
-You can catch me though Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/pisti.molnar.1023
-First you have to join the UT99 Sniper Campers Commuinity via Discord. -> Discord here: https://discordapp.com/ After you got discord join our community via this link: https://discord.gg/hArQykh
-2nd - PM to me (NiX) about the joining request. Captains have to send me their rosters with player names included.
Or take it easy. register here and drop it in comment
-Every player is allowed to play in 2 Teams. This means when team captains register up their rosters, they have to show up the "main team" and their guest members.
-Players aren't allowed to play against their main teams! ( For example: ^NiX* not allowed to play against [SV] as an -]NBK[- guest. )
-Fake nicknames are banned. If you like to Guest somewhere with a different nickname thats allowed if captains mention guest names aswell. ( For Example: -[SV]MBAPPE (SniperTiger) )
-We need a minimum amount of 8 teams to start the touney.

How the Cup goes?:
The Cup schedule going to be the same like the C.I.T.E. ladder with 1 single season. Every team will play against every other team 2 times. Round 1(first rounds), Round 2(rematches), Final. (the best 4 Team play the endgame.)

Game Rules:
Rules are going back to the classic.
-No Revenge hunt
-No Spawnkiling
-Camping game
-We will add a no run mod to stop running behaviours. Not that extreme what C.I.T.E. has got.
(-5 HP / sec while Running , +5 HP / sec while Camping , HP not going to drop under crouch movement)
-Tunnel camp banned.
-We allow X-loc drop until you not going to the other side of the maps.
-Close kill allowed.
-10 sec of spawn.
-NBK based WcF team Rifle.

the rest of the server options will be the same how [SV] server is todays.
Cup games can be played during week days as well. When people find time to play. We wont ruin CITE matches so you can play your games anytime under the weeks.
Servers will coming soon.
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Posts : 28
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***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!*** Empty
PostSubject: Re: ***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!***   ***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!*** I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 16, 2019 7:35 pm

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***[SV]2019 CAMPING CUP!***
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