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 Big monsters are BIG

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Big monsters are BIG Empty
PostSubject: Big monsters are BIG   Big monsters are BIG I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2020 7:14 am

I ran this idea off another forum, intended for MonsterHunt... about configuring GIANT-SIZED maps with GIANT monsters.

OjitroC took a first stab at it, came up with this:
Big monsters are BIG 4841399_original

I took a shot at it a bit later:
Big monsters are BIG 4842193_original

Big monsters are BIG 4841503_original

Big monsters are BIG 4841869_original

Big monsters are BIG 4842256_original

Big monsters are BIG 4842624_original

Big monsters are BIG 4842927_original

It may not be practical, increasing the drawscale also ramps up each monsters health but there are no projectiles that can be equally balanced out to that scale... but it could make for some interesting mapping options for certain projects.
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Big monsters are BIG
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